Up One Pair of Stairs of My Bookhouse Part 5/8 FULL AUDIOBOOK

VARIOUS and Olive Beaupre MILLER (1883 - 1968)
Full of delightful fairy tales, charming poems and engaging stories, this is the second volume of the "My Bookhouse" series for little ones. Originally published in the 1920's as a six volume set, these books, edited by Olive Beaupre Miller, contained the best in children's literature, stories, poems and nursery rhymes. They progressed in difficulty through the different volumes. (Summary by Maria Therese)
 49. The Fisherman and His Wife     Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm
 50. The Sandy Road: A Jataka Tale     Unknown
 51. Rain in Summer     Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
 52. The Story of Christopher Columber     Harrison
 53. In Columbus' Time     Annette Wynne
 54. Farewell to the Farm     Robert Louis Stevenson
 55. Christening the Baby in Russia     Arthur Ransome
 56. The Birches     Walter Pritchard Eaton
 57. The Little Snow Maiden: A Russian Folk Tale     Unknown
 58. Boots and His Brothers     Sir George Webbe Dasent
 59. A Roumanian Folk Song     Unknown
 60. The Selfish Giant     Oscar Wilde

Genre(s): Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Poetry, Short works
Language: English
Group: My Bookhouse Series
Books in the public domain
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